30th May 2023

We have been continuing to have a cautious approach as to reopening of our centres and we’ll keep this page updated regularly with information about what’s happening at Blaenau Gwent  Foodbank and how people can access support and help us be there for people in crisis. Our plan from end of July to August 2023 is to possibly reopen Beaufort and Brynmawr centres to the public to collect their parcels and to open a new centre down in the South of the County so watch this space.

We’re still supporting people with emergency food but we have been running a home delivery service only

  1. All of our Foodbank Distribution Centres remain closed to Clients, Agencies and Public  picking up food parcels.
  2. We continue to offer  a Home Delivery Service only Tuesdays to Fridays and Beaufort and Brynmawr Foodbank Distribution Centres become Home Delivery Service Centres.
  3. We are able to take donations of food at the following centres only as well as Tesco stores and Asda Store
  • Beaufort Tuesdays Wednesday and Thursdays 12.00pm to 3pm
  • Brynmawr Friday 10am to 12.30pm

If anything changes, we’ll let you know immediately. Your support is vital at this time, so if you’re considering donating, we’re particularly in need of:

  •  UHT Milk
  •  Tinned Fruit and Rice Pudding
  • Jam

Please note we have no need of Cereals, Beans and Pasta and all donations must be in date as we cannot use out of date stock. Thank you!

You can follow us on Twitter BGwentFoodbank or on Facebook @blaenaugwentfoodbank to stay up to date. 


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